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Mini Racing Adventures 1.24.3

Mini Racing Adventures is an arcade racing simulator for which the owner of an Android device will spend more than one hour of his time. The toy differs from other representatives of the genre by unusual game mechanics, colorful and fascinating gameplay. Without a doubt, Mini Racing Adventures is what you need for an interesting time!


The gameplay features more than twenty models of vehicles, on which the main character, Martin, will have to overcome the tracks. Each of the cars, of course, has its own characteristics. For the competition, the developers have created 9 complex and confusing tracks, where you should not yawn on the sides. The upgrade system allows you to improve cars and make them even more powerful and efficient.



  • Network mode support
  • Single pass mode
  • The ability to save progress and achieved results in the Cloud
  • Realistic physics
  • First-class 3D visual effects
  • A large selection of vehicles (bicycles, motorcycles, cars and trucks)
  • Upgrade system


The control menu is very simple. On the screen there are images of the gas pedal and brakes with which the player accelerates / slows down the movement of the vehicle. Installing the application will also not cause difficulties.


The game is with a cache and therefore you will need to perform a number of additional manipulations when installing it. If you use a USB cable, then you need to do the following. Download the ".apk" file and cache, then connect the device to the computer, copy the cache to the desired folder (manually or automatically), disconnect the Android device from the computer. After that, run the installation of the program and after it is completed, you can start completing tasks.


The application will appeal to fans of car racing, owners of smartphones and tablet PCs on Android who just want to have fun and have an interesting time. Good luck in overcoming the tracks! The latest version of the racing game Mini Racing Adventures download for android.

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