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Bum - a success story 2.7

Bum Success story is a rather unusual game simulator developed for Android devices. Here you have to feel like a homeless person and do everything in order to survive in this situation. Bomzhara istorija uspeha offers an unusual gameplay and will undoubtedly help to have an interesting time.


Fate throws the game character to the very bottom of society. He has no money, no housing, no job. You have to help the hero to go through all the trials and help to get out in people. Only the most persistent will be able to withstand all the hardships of street life and eventually become a full member of society.

The character will have to start literally from scratch. The first way to earn money will be the search and profitable delivery of bottles. Having collected a certain amount of money, you can try to exchange it for currency at a favorable rate, well, and then a businessman's career is just around the corner! And finally, you can gain influence and become the President of the country. The game provides a hero leveling system, which adds additional attractiveness to the gameplay.


The management interface is simple, Russified and intuitive. Large buttons will allow you to play comfortably even on small Android devices. During installation, the application requires a cache. To get started, download the ".apk" file to the memory of your smartphone or tablet PC, then start the installation process and after it is completed, allow the program to download the cache.


The application will appeal to fans of strategy games, simulators and owners of mobile devices who just want to have an interesting time. Evaluate it in full. Rock the character, survive, accumulate money and help the homeless turn into a prosperous businessman! The latest version of the game Bum - a success story download for android.

Features: HD Cool Donat

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