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Field of Miracles 2015 1.0

Field of Miracles 2015 is an application for mobile Android devices, which is an analogue of the mega popular TV show. Now you can answer the tricky questions of the presenter, show off knowledge and erudition using a smartphone or tablet for this. Pole Chudes 2015 is what you need for an interesting time!


The meaning of the game is simple. Three players participate. A word appears on the screen, the letters of which are covered with cards. The presenter asks a question and the first participant can immediately name the three letters that he thinks are present in the word. If there are letters, then they open. Next, the player needs to give an answer to the question, or name another letter. If the answer is incorrect, the turn goes to the next participant of the round. By rotating the reel, players determine the size and type of the prize reward.


The application offers several modes. In single player you have to fight against computer bots. In the Campaign mode, you can use one Android device and answer questions together with friends. In addition, you can fight with opponents on the Internet or become a participant in an Online Tournament.


The management of the application and its configuration are very simple and understandable even for a child. The installation process of the program, which takes place in automatic mode, will not cause difficulties. The application will appeal to gamers who like quizzes, puzzles and puzzles, owners of Android smartphones and tablets who want to have fun and spend their time usefully.


The task bank is constantly being updated. Dozens and hundreds of tricky puzzles are waiting for you. Be ready to answer them! Attention! The prizes are fictitious and do not entitle you to receive a real reward! The latest version of the gambling game Field of Miracles 2015 download for android.

Features: Online HD Multiplayer

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