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GRAVITY DON'T LET GO is a completely attention-grabbing game application created for Android based on the popular movie "Gravity". In Gravity Don't Let Go, you have to control a spaceship pilot who, due to damage to the station, found himself in outer space and in order to survive, must show maximum dexterity and ingenuity.


The game has almost no analogues, has excellent graphic design and exciting gameplay. As mentioned above, you will have to feel like a pilot of a space station. The shuttle had an accident while the hero was in outer space. Now his task is to find a way back to Earth.


The gameplay is divided into several missions and the first of them will be the rescue of a colleague who needs to be pulled up by a rope to the shuttle airlock. At first glance, everything is very simple, but it's not. After all, it is necessary to take into account that there is no gravity in space and all actions will have to be carried out in zero gravity.


The toy boasts excellent graphics and voice acting. Touch control allows you to comfortably control the actions of the character and his movements in space. The application requires downloading the cache during installation. One of the options is to install the program via a USB cable.


In this case, you need to download the ".apk" file first. Then download the cache from the file sharing service and then connect your Android smartphone or tablet to your personal PC. Copy the cache to the desired folder, disconnect the device from the PC and run the installation file. After completing the installation process, you can safely launch the game application.


The presented program will appeal to fans of the movie of the same name, fans of arcade games and action games, gamers who appreciate addictive gameplay and beautiful graphic design. Have a nice time! The latest version of the arcade GRAVITY: DON'T LET GO download for android.

Features: 3D Online Multiplayer

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