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Neon Blitz 1.0.5

Neon Blitz is a bright and colorful game application for Android devices. Neon Blitz game features original gameplay, minimal requirements for the "stuffing" of a smartphone or tablet PC, easy to manage, install and configure. This is without a doubt just what is needed in order to have an interesting couple of hours of free time!


The streets of the night city abound with bright neon advertising. The gameplay of the application looks about the same. The task of the gamer is that he must outline as many drawings as possible on the screen of the Android device in the allotted period of time. And there are just a huge number of these drawings in the game, which of course gives the gameplay variety and additional attractiveness.


The images on the screen consist of lines painted in various colors. As soon as the user touches them with his finger, they immediately begin to shimmer with neon light. The asterisk located on the display indicates from where you need to start tracing the contour. Completing levels facilitates three types of bonuses. The developers also provide an analogue of the local currency - asterisks.


The game graphics and user interface are simply gorgeous. All the images presented in the gameplay are created by first-class artists and, as already mentioned above, are painted in bright, juicy tones. The musical accompaniment does not lag behind the graphics. A few pleasant-to-hear compositions will make the process of passing the levels even more exciting and attention-grabbing.


Software installation takes a minimum of time and is performed automatically. The application will appeal to various categories of users, primarily fans of logic toys and quests. It is interesting, and most importantly, spend your time usefully and have fun communicating with the presented program! The latest version of the game Neon Blitz download for android.

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