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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes 0.2.113720

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a game application for Android, in which you will meet again with the heroes of the cult movie saga "Star Wars". The Star Wars Galaxy Heroes game is a representative of the "turn-based strategy" genre and differs from similar developments in dynamic and exciting gameplay, high-quality graphics and low requirements for mobile device resources. This is exactly what you need for an interesting time!


The main game task set for gamers is, of course, battles with a cunning and insidious enemy. Events are unfolding in the Star Wars Universe and the owner will have to assemble an invincible squad of well-known characters and send them into battle. Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Darth Vader. These and other heroes are available to control.


Each of the characters has a unique set of skills. That is why, when making up a squad, it is necessary to take into account all the characteristics and make strategic decisions. An important role in the gameplay is played by the equipment of the heroes. With its help, you can significantly increase their abilities and more easily defeat the insidious enemy.


The storyline includes several episodes, the events of which will unfold in places that are familiar to you: Hoth, Bespin, Tatooine, Coruscant. As mentioned above, the game boasts a colorful graphic design. The management interface is simple and logically clear. Thanks to this, even novice users of Android devices can master the strategy.


When installing the application, you need to download the cache. How to do it? The easiest option is to install the game via a Wi-Fi connection. To begin with, you will need to download the ".apk" file to the device's memory, then start the installation process and after it is completed, allow the application to download the cache via the Internet.


The application will appeal to fans of the legendary movie, strategy lovers and gamers who are attracted not only by the gameplay, but also by its visual design. Complete the most difficult tasks, perform on the Dark or Light side, create invincible Hero squads and lead them into battle! The latest version of the game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes download for android.

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  • Game version: 0.2.113720
  • Downloaded: 2017
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