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The Walking Dead: The Road of Life / The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

The Walking Dead Road of Life is an exciting game application for Android, successfully combining elements of rhinestones of several genres. The game is based on popular comics and offers to become a participant in the battle between humans and hordes of bloodthirsty zombies. From similar programs Hodjachie mertvecy Doroga zhizni differs in a more thoughtful plot, fascinating gameplay and is undoubtedly able to attract the attention of any user for a long time.


The events of the storyline develop in the city of Woodbury, which is under the rule of a cunning and insidious Governor. He managed to turn almost the entire population into zombies obedient to him, only a handful of Survivors continue to fight for independence. They plan to attack Woodbury, but first they need to build defensive fortifications, complete a number of quest tasks, craft items and prepare for battle.


Quite interestingly, the application directly presents the fights. The characters can be divided into four types. Some are distinguished by physical strength, others by speed, and others by endurance. In any case, representatives of different classes complement each other favorably and from them you can make a truly invincible squad.


Between completing tasks, the player is expected to insert comics, which of course increases the attractiveness of the gameplay. At the height is the graphics and voice acting of the application, made in the best traditions of the comic book series. Managing characters and their actions is extremely simple. The process of installing and configuring the program, which takes place in automatic mode, will not cause difficulties.


The game will appeal to fans of strategies, action games, zombie apocalypses. Create an invincible squad, build fortifications, arm your "wards" and bring peace and order back to the streets of the town of Woodbury. Appreciate the presented application! The latest version of the quest The Walking Dead: The Road of Life / The Walking Dead: Road to Survival download for android.

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