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Devil Eater 4.2

Devil Eater is a simple and high-quality slasher for all Android gadgets. Visually, the project is designed simply, but with taste. It is impossible to call the graphics innovative or excellent, but it copes with its functions and gives the program a special charm and drama. The sound is quite good.

Here the main character becomes a demon hunter. These creatures have flooded everything around, and it is the player who will have to clear the city of evil spirits. There are a lot of different weapons, attacks and 5 suits in the arsenal, each of which gives new skills and abilities. Incredibly vivid animations allow you to make the process of killing demons almost an art.

Management is not particularly difficult, but you need to get used to it. For inexperienced gamers, at the very beginning, you can go through a small tutorial that will reveal the main features of gaming. Costumes and weapons can be purchased for game coins. They will not have to be reproached for a very long time, because the developers have prudently inserted a free distribution for watching videos.

Donat could not be found, which is a bit strange in modern games. There are 5 cities available for the player to explore. The locations are large and interesting, each of them is a separate test with its own characteristics and dangers.


  • Interesting music and graphics;
  • Tutorial on gaming and management;
  • High-quality gameplay;
  • Normal playability;
  • No donation;
  • Lots of weapons and opponents;
  • Easy installation.



  • Total of 5 skins;
  • Not the best optimization, despite the lack of full-fledged three-dimensionality.


Devil Eater is clearly not up to the title of "the main game in your phone", but it's quite enough to entertain for a week. The game will appeal to most users due to its advantages and atmosphere. Try it! The latest version of the shooting game Devil Eater download for android.

Features: Online Donat

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