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Episode + Mean Girls: Sr Year

Episode + Mean Girls: Sr Year is one of the parts of the popular story game for Android. The appearance of the game is frankly pleasing. The drawing is classic for such games, but it is made of high quality, looks good even on large screens and resolutions. The animations are also quite good, much better than expected.

Management has not changed compared to previous versions – everything is as convenient and intuitive as possible. Projects of this type allow the user to create their own story and virtual life. You should start by creating a Persian. Rich customization options allow you to make it very similar to the user, which is very interesting and pleasant. You can also modulate accessories, clothes and a lot of other little things.

The hero begins his journey in a college town, where a lot of beautiful and daring girls have settled. There are more than ten thousand different stories available, following which you can break away at a party, go on a date, go on a trip and fill the character's life with a lot of interesting events. And the main thing is to find a mate. The game is ideal for leisurely and "thoughtful" gaming. A lot of options for the development of each scenario, an astronomical number of scenarios themselves, a variety of flow tasks (such as buying new clothes) make this project exciting and relevant for most gamers on the "green robot".


  • Nice graphics and high-quality animations;
  • Great idea;
  • High playability;
  • The original gameplay of this part and the entire series of games;
  • A lot of stories and options for the development of each of them;
  • Many additional functions;
  • Convenient management;
  • Simple setup.


Episode + Mean Girls: Sr Year is a great solution if you have nothing to do in your free time. This program can take many hours of your idleness. It has many advantages, the only flaw is the lack of Russification, which is likely to be corrected soon. The latest version of the game Episode + Mean Girls: Sr Year download for android.

Features: Online HD For girls Donat

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