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Fishing Town 1.0.9

Fishing Town is an interesting toy for the Android system. Attracts an unusual theme – fishing. The exterior design is pretty cute. There are no special claims to it, everything is done qualitatively and brightly, textures and characters are pleasing to the eye. The music is average, more "for show".

The management is very simplified, it can even be called "childish", and the whole game gives the impression that its main target audience is children. At the same time, it will also be very interesting for adults to play. Here you will have to fish – become a real master of fishing. Your hero is an ordinary guy who lives in a fishing town. He will have to pump up his skills, become more and more experienced and skillful, expand the city.

For normal fishing, high-quality gear will be required. Sell fish, upgrade your skills and buy cooler fishing accessories. Soon you will be able to catch one of the Legendary fish! It is very noteworthy that part of the money from this game will go to the development and restoration of the marine fauna of Indonesia.


  • An interesting genre – RPG about fishing;
  • Simple operation;
  • Cute graphics;
  • Addictive gameplay;
  • Mediocre optimization;
  • Lack of Russification;
  • Easy installation.


Unfortunately, the game is a bit "damp" and does not always work correctly on weak devices. We are waiting for an update that will make the optimization smoother. Fishing Town is a pretty interesting application that does not claim to be a "gaming blockbuster", but it will perfectly entertain the average user, especially if he is very young. The latest version of the shooting game Fishing Town download for android.

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