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Rush N Krush 1.2.5

Rush N Krush is a real survival race for all Android users. The graphics in the game are very high quality. All elements interact perfectly, both cars and tracks, as well as landscapes are drawn qualitatively. The animations are just great – bright, juicy and fast.

The controls are classic for all games of this type. It will take just a couple of minutes to get used to it, and then the fingers themselves will know where to press for the expected effect. The game is a race where you need not just to reach the finish line first, but also to survive. After what is happening in the races, it can be extremely difficult to do this. Every opponent tries to throw you into a ditch, smear you against a wall or shoot you. There are many modes in the prog that allow you to play absolutely differently and win various prizes. The boss battle mode is very pleasing – this is something that is often lacking in other projects.

The track is just littered with all sorts of traps and obstacles. Special boosters and cunning help to overcome them and substitute opponents. There are also various types of weapons that can be used to demolish obstacles or shoot down opponents. The maximum effect of the race can be achieved by a competent combination of racer skills, cars and special items. This is the only way to win. Naturally, each of these elements can be upgraded and improved.

There is a donation – you can buy a lot of "buns" for a real cache. Not using it does not mean constantly losing, with a competent analysis, you will not need a donation. Optimization is average – on older devices, you can immediately prepare for brakes and freezes, but mid-level gadgets should cope with the task.


  • Excellent graphics and animations;
  • Gorgeous gameplay;
  • Lots of upgrade opportunities;
  • Good playability;
  • Weapons, boosters and other "buns";
  • Scenic trails;
  • Simple operation;
  • Difficult bosses;
  • Slash at every race;
  • Average optimization;
  • Elementary installation.


And what do we have in the end? And it turns out that Rush N Krush is an excellent and multifaceted game that will appeal to everyone: from lovers of meat and blood on the screen to avid racers. Be sure to ship! The latest version of the racing game Rush N Krush download for android.

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