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Snapimals: Find the animals! 1.2.0

Snapimals: Find the animals! – original program for Android devices. The game is beautifully designed, in a bright memorable cartoon style. The textures of the animals and some elements are a little angular, but whether this is a flaw is difficult to say, perhaps this is a kind of "trick" of the program. The management is elementary and is designed, most likely, for children.

The player will have to explore the whole world together with the Captain, learn new things about different corners of the world and the animals that live there. Animals need to be photographed with a camera to create the largest photo museum in the world. In addition to real representatives of the fauna, you can also get acquainted with long-extinct animals, such as dinosaurs. With each new photo and completed task, the gamer gets points, which can then be used to upgrade his camera. You can also buy other items that you will need on the journey..

You can watch the animals in a real habitat, which is very interesting and will bring a lot of new things. Snapimals is perfect for children, as it will tell them a lot of interesting things about our planet, fauna and teach them to recognize different animals. Adults will also like it, but it will be more an entertaining application than an educational one.


  • Bright but imperfect graphics;
  • Mass of animals;
  • All corners of the world, from deserts to glaciers;
  • Exciting photo albums;
  • Upgrade;
  • Easy operation and installation.


Download this program and play – a good mood and a lot of positivity is guaranteed! And if you have children, then be sure to show them – they will be very happy and will be happy to explore our planet. The latest version of the casual game Snapimals: Find the animals! download for android.

Features: 3D HD Cool Donat

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