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Tiny Troopers Alliance 2.3.1

Tiny Troopers Alliance is another military toy for Android devices. The graphics are done very well, with a high degree of detail. The animations are also excellent, it is noticeable that the developers tried to ensure that their project did not lose in entertainment to competitors. The sound is on the level.

The control is tactile, more or less classical for this type of application. There are no problems with it, no training or tutorial is needed. As in almost any strategy, you have your own base, loyal soldiers and insidious enemies. Your goal is to win back your lands and level the bases of your enemies. To do this, you will have to intensively develop your fortress, defend against any enemy units and pump up the army.

The player has access to a lot of different equipment and infantry, powerful defensive structures and traps. Fans of high-quality equipping bases "will find where to turn around." There is a single-player (campaign) and multiplayer modes, with the second being alliance battles and PvP. What is noteworthy is that in any battle, the user can fully control each individual unit.

The upgrade is high-quality and thoughtful, the balance is not overwhelmed. In the prog it will be interesting both at the first level, and at the fiftieth, and further. Donat is present, but it is unobtrusive and not particularly noticeable. Optimization, on the contrary, stands out very much against the background of similar projects.


  • Good graphics and sound;
  • Normal balance;
  • High playability;
  • Mass of equipment and troops;
  • Full-fledged unit management;
  • Online play and alliances;
  • Donat;
  • Suitable optimization;
  • Easy installation.


The Tiny Alliance Landing is a great choice for fans of strategy and military–themed games. Be sure to download and play – such a project should not be missed! The latest version of the strategy Tiny Troopers Alliance download for android.

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