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Zombie Age 3 1.8.4

Zombie Age 3 is the last part of the legendary zombie slasher for Android gadgets.The graphics, compared to previous versions, have only become better and more beautiful. The drawing style has not changed, but the animations have become even more beautiful and brighter, there is even more blood. In general, solid advantages. Management has not changed much – it is still intuitive and convenient. There are no problems with it, no training is needed.

The game is a classic slasher in the spirit of "kill everything you see". The highlights are added by a variety of heroes (from simple Persians to comic book and movie heroes), various types of monsters and weapons. In total, dozens of options are available for the extermination of the living dead – from flame to saw. Each zombie is also different from the others – it has a specialization or other characteristics.


In addition to the usual passage, you can fight bosses or call friends for help, and shred the dead together. Naturally, there is social integration in the game. The program has developed a system of missions and achievements. If you get tired of completing tasks, then a dozen different game modes are at the player's service. You won't get bored, even if you really want to.

The program is perfectly optimized and supports tablet PCs and phones with a higher screen resolution – the quality does not suffer.

Features of Zombie Age 3:

  • A great idea and its high-quality implementation;
  • Highest playability;
  • Lots of game modes;
  • Addictive gameplay;
  • Different zombies and bosses;
  • Achievements;
  • Online team play;
  • Leaderboards;
  • High-quality optimization;
  • Native management;
  • Easy installation.


If you have already played the previous parts of the franchise, then you will already download a new part of this masterpiece. If not, then don't miss this perfect timekiller. The latest version of horror Zombie Age 3 download for android.

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