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Green Planet 2.1.2

Green Planet is an interesting space project for Android devices. Externally, the game is made in the style of pixel art, but it is very high quality and pleasant, unlike many other analogues, it does not ripple in the eyes and the picture is very high quality. The music is beyond praise – it perfectly complements what is happening on the screen and does not "strain" even after a long listening.

The controls are elementary, except for a couple of buttons and swipes there is nothing special. The gameplay itself is also easy to figure out. The main character landed on a deserted distant planet. It will have to be turned into a blooming oasis, but it will take a lot of energy… With the help of his equipment, the character must destroy comets flying by, thereby replenishing the energy for landscaping.

In addition, the same resource can be spent on upgrading the Disintegrator weapon. You can do it in different ways, the main thing is to eventually green the planet. The toy is quite simple, but very exciting and delivers a maximum of positive emotions. It does not require a special reaction speed – rather, just thoughtful and relaxed gaming.

Also throughout the game there is an opportunity to collect various items, both useless and those that will help destroy comets and green the world. All of them are stored in the ship's library – the user can look at his collection at any time.



  • Excellent exterior design and music;
  • Unique and addictive gameplay;
  • Simple operation;
  • Weapon upgrade;
  • No donation;
  • Undemanding of resources;
  • Lack of Russification;
  • Easy installation.


Be sure to download Green the Planet – the game takes up a little space and fulfills it at all 200%! You will surely appreciate its gameplay and also join the landscaping of a distant world. The latest version of the strategy Green Planet download for android.

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