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Blood Brothers 2: Strategy RPG 5.2.0

Blood Brothers 2: Strategy RPG is the second part of the legendary project and a special event from Street Fighter. Naturally, for the Android system. The visual design is not bad, but it cannot be called excellent. All the same drawing and deliberate gloom, animated characters and locations. It's nice to play, the textures don't "cut" the eyes, but it could have been better.

Regarding the gameplay, we have another round of the legendary confrontation. Enemies have opened a portal to another world, from where they recruit troops and use magic. Now you and the Brothers of Blood have to put everything back in place and punish the guilty. The game belongs to the genre of strategy and RPG. You have to create and train powerful warriors, develop their skills and abilities. New technologies are responsible for the upgrade, so they are the measure of strength and success.

You can fight in story mode, in PvP with friends and players around the world. For collective battles, you can establish Leagues – more loot and rewards fall from winning them. Periodic events are available to players. In addition to the main ones, thematic events with interesting awards are also added.

There are no questions about optimization, the hardware is not particularly overstressed. As for stability, everything is not so cloudless – departures and friezes are frequent guests in Bloody Brothers 2: RPG strategy. The only thing that saves is that the developers do not sit still and actively eliminate problems in updates. Donat is present in the toy, and it is very expensive. It is quite possible to do without it, but the complexity will be at a very high level.


  • Interesting and addictive gameplay;
  • Mediocre graphics;
  • Arena and Guilds;
  • Dear Donat;
  • Thoughtful upgrade;
  • Controversial stability of work;
  • Easy installation.


The game can be recommended to gamers of the "green robot", but it is unlikely to cause much excitement. As a project for a couple of days will do quite well. The latest version of the strategy Blood Brothers 2: Strategy RPG download for android.

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  • Game version: 4.5.0
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