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Galaxy Life:Pocket Adventures 1.7.0

Galaxy Life:Pocket Adventures is another representative of the now popular genre of real–time strategies. Available only for Android devices. The exterior design is qualitatively different from similar games. If the overall quality of the graphics is at the same level, then the detail is much higher. Similar points can be noticed in the interface and navigation – everything is a little better and more convenient than most competitors.

The management is classic, you need to deal with it for 3 minutes, no more. As a representative of the original genre, this game has absorbed only the best. High-quality and thoughtful gameplay, an interesting story about the colonization of platen, spectacular battles. The only thing upsetting is the appearance of the warriors – he is too cute and childish. But perhaps someone will like such skins.

The gamer has access to the standard "joys" of online strategy: building and upgrading a base, collecting a powerful army and resources, destroying enemies. I am very pleased with the possibility of crafting boosters and various useful items – this has not been done on mobile platforms for a long time. Naturally, you can fight in PvP mode or collect alliances. Their wars are well thought out and will appeal to most users.

You can also colonize other planets, because your own, sooner or later, will be too small. Unexpected functionality, which will be very useful. There is a donation, its necessity is controversial. On the one hand, it is not easy without him, but without spending a "penny" you can achieve normal success. To work, you will need a stable network connection via WiFi, 3G or more advanced technologies.


  • Interesting graphics;
  • High-quality gameplay;
  • Highest playability;
  • A lot of "buns" that are difficult to find in such projects;
  • Donat;
  • You can choose your avatar;
  • Easy installation.


Galaxy Life:Pocket Adventures is a very bright and unusual representative of its genre. It is perfect for gamers who are tired of monotonous strategies in the spirit of "Clan Wars" and want to get a new experience. The latest version of the strategy Galaxy Life:Pocket Adventures download for android.

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