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Motoheroz 2.0.3

Motoheroz is a fun and exciting race for the Android system. The exterior design is made in a cartoon style, very high quality and bright. It's nice to look at cars, it's nice to drive on tracks – visually everything is just perfect. The management is classic for games of this orientation. There are no problems with it, there are no false positives, no training is required.

The game offers 6 cars and dozens of exciting and challenging tracks. Good races bring money, which then you can open up new possibilities of the car and upgrade it qualitatively. There are also hidden surprises and bonuses on the tracks, which also help to complete the race with a maximum rating (3 stars). In addition to the single mode, you can fuck with friends on the network. The multiplayer technology is asynchronous, so it is as easy and convenient as possible to arrange such races.

The levels are quite difficult and it will not be easy to pass them perfectly. This is the whole point of the game – only with the right upgrade and dexterous fingers will everything work out. Optimization is just fine and can serve as an example for many other projects. Everything works fast, there are no freezes and departures, it takes a little resources and memory.


  • Excellent design and sound;
  • Interesting gameplay;
  • Lots of cars and tracks;
  • Thoughtful upgrade;
  • Native management;
  • Easy installation.


Motoheroz is an excellent choice for long–lasting, interesting and high-quality gaming. It can be safely recommended to all users of the "green robot". The latest version of the racing game Motoheroz download for android.

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  • Game version: 2.0.3
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  • Game version: 2.0.3
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