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Lalalupsi is the best children's game 1.2.0

Lalalupsi is the best children's game project for Android, which fully justifies its name. The game is designed for young children and primary school age. A great option if the child is constantly asking for new toys or you don't know what to do with him. Visually, everything is done similarly to the cartoon of the same name – there is practically no difference. For kids, it's just a continuation of their favorite doll story. Sounds and animations also repeat the TV tape. Everything is done qualitatively and vividly – the orientation to the target audience is visible to the naked eye.

In the game with your favorite doll, you can do almost anything. More than one and a half hundred outfits allow you to turn the program into a "dressing room" and dress up the character in new dresses for hours. In addition, a whole city with new features is available – you can equip and decorate it to your taste.


The main "bun" of the application is a bunch of mini-games of very different directions. Every child can find something for himself. Your child simply has no chance to get bored. New tasks and quests are available every day. Their implementation brings a lot of positive emotions and game points, which can then be spent on useful things in the prog. In parallel, the child will also learn commodity-market relations.


  • Excellent graphic component;
  • A lot of activities and games;
  • Elementary management;
  • Heroes of your favorite animated series;
  • High playability;
  • Easy installation.


If you have children and you want to occupy them – put Lalaloopsy Best Game without hesitation. A couple of hours of peace are guaranteed to you, the child will be dragged into virtual adventures "with his head". The latest version of the game Lalalupsi is the best children's game download for android.

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