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Hidden Objects: Hell's Kitchen

Hidden Objects: Hell's Kitchen is a puzzle game for Android devices. The game is a vivid representative of the genre of "hidden objects" - a special subspecies of puzzles. Visually, it is decorated rather darkly, which follows from the name. However, this does not prevent the project from being interesting and fascinating. The scenes themselves are perfectly drawn, the animations are quite simple, but of high quality.

You are the cook. The chef made you look for the things and ingredients he needs in the dark hell's kitchen, and he doesn't have time to wait, so you'll have to hurry. You will need to "use your brains" - it is often really difficult to find the right item. If you get stuck, you can get a little hint. The game has 3 different levels – search by image, silhouette and description. Naturally, the latter option is the most difficult, especially considering that Russification is not provided and the main language is English.


  • Special surroundings and atmosphere;
  • Good drawing and graphic component;
  • Different levels and locations;
  • Different types of tasks;
  • High playability;
  • Original design;
  • A great puzzle game for any user;
  • Easy installation.


Hidden Objects: Hell's Kitchen is an ideal puzzle that does not make you think, but allows you to do an interesting, exciting and long–lasting business. Perfect for any user of the "green robot", especially fans of slow and protracted gaming. The latest version of the quest Hidden Objects: Hell's Kitchen download for android.

Features: HD

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