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Icy Tower Retro 1.3.65

Icy Tower Retro is a simple, but highly addictive casual game on Android. The graphics are simple and unassuming. A funny little man, a cartoon hand-drawn tower, and a sea of positivity are waiting for each player. The sound is also quite simple, but it perfectly complements the overall picture.

The main goal of gaming is to jump as high as possible. It's not as easy as it might seem, because platforms are rare and fraught with a lot of dangers and surprises. The playability of this project is simply unreal – you can drop out of real life for a couple of hours. At the same time, the game does not get bored in an amazing way.


A similar toy was inserted as standard into some old Sony Ericsson phones. Even then, such "jumping platformers" enjoyed great success. Now you are offered to repeat the former experience and again feel the pleasant "lamp" atmosphere of the tower. The control is elementary – you don't even have to talk about it, because it's perfect. Optimization is also pleasing, which is not surprising – such simple graphics and physics require very little hardware resources. The program is Russified.


  • An old idea and its excellent implementation;
  • Outdated but fast graphics and animations;
  • Lots of surprises and dangers;
  • Ability to create combos;
  • Perfect control;
  • Easy installation.


Retro Ice Tower is just a wonderful game that every user is obliged to play. Oldfags will wipe away a stingy tear of nostalgia, and the rest of the gamers will feel the "spirit" of the zero vertical platformers. Download it – you won't regret it! The latest version of the casual game Icy Tower Retro download for android.

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