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Just Dance Now 5.4.3

Just Dance Now is a dance application game for the Android platform. The program has a colorful interface and design. The appearance fully corresponds to the orientation – namely, fun, dancing and driving. The prog offers to dance with her. The smart or tablet itself acts as a controller, but you will have to connect to the main screen. A computer monitor or laptop will perfectly fit the ego role.

Using the gyroscope and accelerometer of the gadget, the program determines its position in space and how exactly you repeat the dance movements from the program. This way points are earned and new tracks are opened. There is a lot of music in the game, but you will have to work hard to access it. The application will be a great entertainment at parties and gatherings, because it allows a large group of people to dance at the same time. There is an interesting battle mode for PvP-type dance battles. So you can compete with the same dancers around the world. Naturally, access to the network is necessary, without it the application does not work at all.

The game has the possibility of donating. For real money, you can purchase new features and songs. In principle, you can do without it if you dance a little and earn in-game currency.



  • A unique idea and focus;
  • Good visual design;
  • High-quality optimization;
  • To work, you need a second device with access to the network;
  • Donat;
  • Lots of diverse music;
  • Battles with other players;
  • Group dances;
  • Simple installation and configuration.


Your screen must also be connected to the Internet. Just go to the website from it and follow the on-screen instructions. A couple of minutes – and you can dance. If you are a sociable person or like to dance, be sure to download Just Dance Nau. The sea of drive and positivity is guaranteed! The latest version of the game Just Dance Now download for android.

Features: Online Donat

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