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MiniChase Cops 3D 1.4.0

MiniChase Cops 3D drive and adrenaline in the voxel world on Android platforms. A great, exciting and exciting project. It is made "with soul and arrangement" for fans of active gaming. The exterior design is more or less traditional for voxel games. The whole world is blocky, transport and the main characters too. It cannot be said that this gives the program any charm or atmosphere, but optimization has clearly only won. Not enough money? Did you think where to get them? Download Cops 3D MiniCase and rob a bank! The money, of course, is not real, but it feels great.

The main idea of the game is not the robbery itself, but the chase, which will be immediately after. The main character was unlucky – he started his own business in a city that is full of policemen. Now you will need to get away from them, using every opportunity. To succeed, you need to try to enter the turns correctly, perform the most difficult tricks and use nitro in time. All this will help to break away from the police cars, but when the helicopters arrive, you will have to challenge gravity. The game is as dynamic as possible – it is simply unrealistic to get bored. The controls are simple, you can deal with it in a couple of seconds. There are also leader boards and specific rewards for game successes.


  • Great idea;
  • Thoughtful gameplay;
  • High playability;
  • Interesting graphics;
  • High-quality optimization;
  • Plenty of opportunities to win;
  • Native management;
  • The simplest installation.


A great project that can brighten up a lot of time on a tablet or phone. It is recommended to download as a high-quality toy for any user. The latest version of the arcade MiniChase Cops 3D download for android.

Features: 3D Donat

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