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Petogotchi 1.1

Petogotchi is a pet simulator for Android devices. The game leaves only positive impressions about itself and, as practice shows, has a unique playability. You can gamble in it for days on end for many weeks. The graphic design is hardly innovative. But it is quite high-quality and may well impress an unpretentious user. Elements. The main characters and scenery are beautifully animated. The sounds and animations are appropriate and well executed.

Probably every gamer or user of the "green robot" had a Tomagochi as a child. This small device easily replaced a pet, because it required constant care and affection. The days of popularity of such gadgets have passed, but nothing prevents you from having a pet in your smartphone or tablet. The control is minimized and consists of several buttons. Pet games can be different. As well as their management, but it's very easy to guess "what's what".

Separately, I would like to note the widest possibilities of customization of the character and his environment. There are several "creatures" available to the player, you can easily change their appearance, shape or color scheme. There are also a lot of costumes, hats and other accessories that will emphasize the individuality of the user. Naturally, not all of them are available at once, and they need to be purchased for in-game currency. Your new friend may not die like his Tamagotchi counterpart, but he also demands attention. He may get sick and get bored, and then the gamer will have to make every effort to cheer him up.In addition to the care and selection of costumes / apartments, there are several mini-games in the prog that make gaming more exciting and allow you to earn gold for a variety of "buns".


  • Good graphics;
  • High-quality optimization;
  • Immortal Pet;
  • Tons of customization;
  • Gold;
  • Mini-games;
  • Social integration;
  • Easy installation.


Petogochi is the reincarnation of a classic electronic game. She really succeeded, the developers managed to achieve the same "spirit" of Tamagotchi, while getting rid of the minuses and the protracted process of caring for a pet. An excellent program for any users and gamers, and for oldfags – just a "must have". The latest version of the game Petogotchi download for android.

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