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This Means WAR!

This Means WAR! – another serious contender for the title of the best real-time strategy on the Android platform. The graphics are very high quality and made in a futuristic style. There is no need to complain about bad animation – everything is done at the highest level, the gameplay looks simply indescribable on the screen. As in many other projects, you need to conquer the world here. Build your base, defeat opponents to create your absolute empire.

There are 13 different units available in the game, among which there are flying ones. Naturally, they can be improved and upgraded in every possible way. A lot of buildings and defensive structures, traps and mines are also available. Players who like to build a unique architecture of their bases will definitely like it. The battles are conducted a little unconventionally, and this is one of the main "buns" of the project. Any battle takes place both between troops and fortifications, as a result, the combat becomes more versatile and dynamic than the usual boring attacks of fortified outposts.

All troops regenerate and can serve even after defeat. By the way, a system of achievements and ranks is even provided for them, which allows them to "educate" really strong and experienced warriors. Naturally, there are PvP battles, fights between clans and a campaign mode. In general, the game turned out to be excellent, without many disadvantages of its analogues. Donat is present, but not required.


  • Excellent graphics and sound;
  • High-quality gameplay and the highest playability;
  • A bunch of buildings, units, traps;
  • Tons of upgrades to everything on the screen;
  • Reimagined battles;
  • High-quality campaign;
  • Donat;
  • Easy installation;
  • Undemanding to resources.


If you are not a fan of such strategies yet, then This Means WAR! – exactly what you were waiting for. Be sure to ship and enjoy many dozens of hours of high-quality gaming. The latest version of the strategy This Means WAR! download for android.

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