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Pigeon Simulator 3D 1.1

Pigeon Simulator 3D is one of the most unusual game applications for Android. In the new version of Simuljator Golubja 3D, performance has been improved and the application has been optimized for "weak" tablets and smartphones, errors identified by users have been fixed, and the lighting of the game location has been improved.


It is said above that the presented application is one of the most unusual and it really is. The main character of the simulator becomes an ordinary city pigeon. But his mission is very important and dangerous. He eventually has to save the train station from a terrorist attack!


In general, the gameplay is as follows. You control the flight of your ward and shit from a height on passers-by. If you run out of "cartridges", that is, litter, then you can always eat seeds from grandma. To complete the most important task, you will need to accurately shit on a bomb (and not on a terrorist, which most users mistakenly aim at).


The gameplay is quite well designed graphically. All the buildings, the passers-by below, the pigeon itself are perfectly drawn. Controlling the flight of the ward character is also very simple. You only need to move your finger across the screen of the Android device to the place where you want to direct the pigeon. The process of installing the simulator is also very simple, does not require the intervention of the owner of the mobile device, takes place automatically. The game will appeal to gamers who are interested in unusual gaming applications, owners of mobile devices who just want to have an interesting couple of hours of time.

What should I do if I ran out of supplies for the production of "shots"? - Switch the program to the meal mode and peck the seeds offered by grandma. Are you ready to repel a terrorist attack? Then the presented program is created especially for you! The latest version of the game Pigeon Simulator 3D download for android.

Features: 3D Cool

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  • Game version: 1.1
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