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Drive train simulator 1.94

Drive a Train is another version of the popular Android game application in which you have to drive a train and perform a variety of tasks. The updated Vodit poezd game contains new missions, design improvements and is fully optimized to work on "weak" models of smartphones and tablet computers.


The gameplay of the program offers neither more nor less, but to move into the control cabin of a freight or passenger train. There are a lot of levers that need to be switched at the right time. A beautiful landscape floats by the windows, but do not relax, because on the road the locomotive can face various difficulties, surprises and obstacles.


For example, a car may suddenly jump out on the move and your task is to slow down in time. How to manage? It's very simple - you pick up speed and turn on the braking in time, the laid railway track helps the locomotive to make turns. It is important to maintain the traffic schedule, because impatient passengers are waiting for you at the stations. In addition, the gameplay features a couple of missions in which you have to manage a train in the subway, which of course diversified the gameplay. The toy boasts an eye-pleasing design. The cabin environment is as detailed as possible and almost exactly corresponds to the real one.

Control of the game, as already mentioned above, is very simple and can be carried out with the fingers of one hand. All the buttons present in the interface are quite large, which makes it comfortable to play even on the small screens of mobile Android devices. The installation process of the program, which takes place in automatic mode, will not cause difficulties. The program will appeal to fans of railway simulators, fans of colorful graphics, dynamic gameplay. Become a real electric locomotive driver and overcome thousands of kilometers of the way! The latest version of the game Drive train simulator download for android.

Features: 3D For boys

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