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Fishing Mania Fishing 3D 1.8

Fishing Mania Fishing 3D is without a doubt one of the Android apps for which you can spend hours on end. This is a highly realistic and colorfully designed fishing simulator with which you can have an interesting time at home or on the road and visit a virtual fishing trip that is practically no different from the real one. Unlike analogues, Manija rybnoj lovli Fishing 3D offers a larger selection of fish, gear and reservoirs.


Previously, it was necessary to wait for the weekend to go to the shore of a river or lake with a fishing rod and tackle. Now you can get out into nature at any time. You have to play the role of a fisherman and test your fishing luck on more than ten reservoirs scattered around the world. About fifty species of fish are represented in the gameplay and at the same time not only its appearance, but also the features of behavior and feeding are reproduced as accurately as possible. The choice of rods, tackle, hooks and other accessories is simply huge and all this fishing wealth can be used to increase the catch.


  • High-quality animation, graphics and voice acting
  • Ten fishing bases
  • Forty-six species of fish
  • About a hundred tackle options
  • Fifty tasks that will help you improve your skills


The gameplay is beautifully and colorfully designed. The user interface of the program is understandable even for beginners and adapted for mobile Android devices with small screens. The ".apk" file is small in size and will take up a minimum of space in the memory of a smartphone or tablet. The installation of the application is automated and takes a few minutes.


The game will appeal to fans of fishing simulators, nature games, sports fans, gamers who appreciate the realism of events taking place on the screen. Go to the shore of the reservoir, experience the joy of fluttering on the hook of trophy prey and brag about the results achieved in front of friends and like-minded people. The latest version of the sports game Fishing Mania Fishing 3D download for android.

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