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I'm A Psychic Test.New Season 1.1.2

I am a Psychic Test New Season is a new game application for Android devices, the number of fans of which is constantly growing. It's all the fault of the undemanding nature of Ja Jekstrasens Test Novyj Sezon to the resources of a tablet or smartphone, good graphic design and addictive gameplay.


Everyone has psychic abilities to one degree or another. It is precisely the presented program that offers to determine the level of these abilities. There are several text tests waiting for you, answering the tasks of which and you will get an answer to the question. What kind of psychic data do I have?


The first test includes thirty questions, the answers to which will actually help the owner of an Android device to find out whether he has the gift of foresight or not. In the second task, you have to guess what is hidden in the box shown on the screen. When completing the third quest, you will have to guess where the Queen of spades hid from the deck of cards.


The user interface is very simple. Questions are displayed on the screen and you tap on the item that in your opinion contains the correct answer. In the second task, an image of a box and a couple of buttons with leading questions appear on the screen. For example, the "living" and "inanimate" contents of the casket. The third mini-game is even simpler.


There are a number of cards in front of you, turned upside down "shirts". You need to tap on the one that in your opinion is the wanted queen of spades. The installation of the program takes only a few minutes and takes place automatically. The game will appeal to various categories of users and will help to spend a couple of hours of free time with interest. Evaluate the capabilities of the application "I am a Psychic" in full and find out whether you have the gift of foresight or not! Have a nice time!

We will be glad to hear your comments about the game on our website! The latest version of the logic game I'm A Psychic Test.New Season download for android.

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