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Kill Shot Bravo 10.2

Kill Shot Bravo is a bright and colorful application for Android devices. If you are a fan of shooters, shooting, explosions and chases, then the game Kill Shot Bravo is created especially for you! Unlike similar programs from other developers, there are even more adventures, weapons, more colorful graphics and an exciting gameplay.


You are assigned the role of a professional warrior, whom the command sends to perform responsible and dangerous tasks. The deep rear of the enemy, there is no place to wait for help and you have to rely only on your own cunning and resourcefulness. In total, the gameplay features more than two hundred missions and their events unfold in the most remote corners of the planet, from mountain jungles to Asian deserts.


The missions are diverse. You can fight the enemy not only with firearms. You will be able to capture vehicles, armored vehicles and even shoot the enemy from a helicopter. Nevertheless, the main focus in the gameplay is given to sniper shooting.


A large selection of rifles and submachine guns, optical sights and other accessories will allow you to choose a "trunk" based on your own preferences. Weapons can be improved, but for this you need to perform high-quality tasks! The opponents are not only infantry, but also much more dangerous units - flying drones, mechanoids, soldiers in exosuits.


There are several game modes available and the game features allow you to hack online and engage in a duel with real opponents. For greater effect, you can unite in an alliance with your friends and like-minded people. The graphic design of the game is just great. The characters and the surrounding environment are drawn down to the smallest details.


The user interface is logically clear and easy to use. Settings allow you to change the avatar, equip the fighter, choose weapons, improve it and much more. The installation process of the application, which takes place in automatic mode, will not cause difficulties either. The game will appeal to fans of bright and spectacular shooters, sniper simulators, connoisseurs of games with high-quality graphics and excellent voice acting. Fight the most dangerous enemies and come out of the battle victorious! The latest version of the shooting game Kill Shot Bravo download for android.

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