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Arcane Battlegrounds

Arcane Battlegrounds is an exciting strategy game for Android in which the player expects breathtaking battles taking place in a fantasy world. Arcane Battlegrounds differs from similar applications by an even more thoughtful and perfect gameplay, a huge selection of characters, less demanding of the "inner stuffing" of the mobile device. This is without a doubt exactly what you need for an interesting time!


There is quite a lot to do. First, you need to create a mighty Empire and train a sufficient number of troops. As you understand, this task is not easy. Once the troops are ready, they can be sent into battle! Rivals are exactly the same players from all over the world and therefore in battle with each of them will have to come up with special tactics and strategy, which of course makes the gameplay even more attractive.



  • The system of construction and development of the base (Kingdom)
  • Up to ten types of combat units can be combined in one army
  • A large selection of weapons and structures to protect Castles (catapults, cannons, towers, and so on)
  • Fascinating storyline
  • The ability to create alliances and join forces with friends and like-minded people
  • Excellent graphics and sound


The control of the gameplay is quite simple, intuitive. Large interface buttons and settings menu allow you to work comfortably with the program on the screens of Android tablets and smartphones. The settings themselves will not cause difficulties even for novice gamers, not to mention experienced fighters!


The game requires loading the cache. The easiest way to install the application is via a Wi-Fi connection. It is enough for you to download the ".apk" file for installation, start the installation process and after its completion allow the program to download the cache. In this case, the cache will be unpacked to the sdcard/Android/data/game name folder. The application will appeal to fans of bright and colorful games, fans of strategies and battles with real opponents. Hurry up to the battle, exciting battles are waiting for you ahead and the opportunity to show everyone your strategic and generalship talents! The latest version of the strategy Arcane Battlegrounds download for android.

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