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Bubble searches

Bubble Quest is a new Android game application that will always be at hand and will help pass the time and have fun. These words are not an exaggeration. In fact, Puzyr Poiski is one of the varieties of the famous "Bubble" with even more colorful graphics, a huge selection of game tasks, bonus items, besides, it is less demanding on the "stuffing" of the device.


The essence of the game is very simple. A variety of figures created from colorful bubbles are placed on the playing field. At the bottom of the smartphone or tablet screen there is a catapult that also shoots balls painted in various colors. Your task is to shoot balls so that chains of two or more identical balls are formed.


In this case, the chain disappears and the longer it is, the better! Points are awarded for successful "shots" and you can try to set a record that will be recorded in a special table. Overcoming levels is facilitated by a variety of bonuses.



  • Bright graphics and pleasant musical accompaniment
  • One hundred and ten game challenges
  • Huge selection of bonuses and combos
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Rating and achievement system


The control of the trajectory of the ball and the settings of the application are extremely simple and intuitive. The ".apk" file occupies the minimum amount of memory of a mobile Android device, the installation is fully automated and does not differ in any way from the installation process of similar programs.


The toy will appeal primarily to connoisseurs of logic games, owners of smartphones and tablets who want to pass the time on the road and other categories of users. Earn as many experience points as possible, become a real record holder, burst bubbles and get unforgettable pleasure from it! The latest version of the logic game Bubble searches download for android.

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