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Fits - Block puzzle 4.1.4

Fits Block Puzzle is a new game application for Android that undoubtedly has a great future. Fits Blok Golovolomka is a whole selection of games aimed at developing logic and thinking, and at the same time a real time killer. In comparison with similar developments, the presented program is easier to manage and configure, more colorful, simple and accessible to all categories of users of mobile smartphones and tablets.


The meaning of the gameplay is simple. In fact, the game is a cross between puzzles and Tetris. Figures made up of colorful puzzles appear on the screen. Your task is to collect all these fragments into one. The additional complexity and attractiveness of the gameplay is given by the fact that the elements consist of square blocks without a pattern, and as a result, the connection process itself is not so simple.


You can control the rotation of the blocks and their movement using the fingers of one hand. Just click on the fragment image and drag it to the place where it should be located in your opinion. The user interface is colorfully designed, the buttons and elements are large enough and it is comfortable and convenient to work with the program even on small screens.


The installation of the program is simple, does not require additional settings and takes place automatically. The application will be an excellent addition to the arsenal of games for mobile device users who want to pass the time on the road, have fun, have fun, and at the same time develop their logical thinking. Collect colorful figurines and get unforgettable pleasure from it. The latest version of the logic game Fits - Block puzzle download for android.

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