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Twist 1.05

Twist is a new Android game whose advantages have already been appreciated by a fairly large number of tablet PC and smartphone users. The Twist game differs from similar developments in more interesting gameplay, colorful graphics and ease of control. This is exactly what you need for an interesting time!


You have to check your reaction speed. It is this quality that is most important for successful completion. A small ball acts as the main "game hero". He travels through locations full of platforms. Your task is to control the movement of the ward and jump from one platform to another, the main thing is that the ball does not fall off the platform.


They move at different speeds, and besides, they have different sizes. This is the main difficulty of the gameplay. Often you can simply not have time to tap on the screen in time and then you will have to start the level over again. When moving, it is also important to collect purple spheres, which are used as game currency and will be used to purchase additional "lives" and other accessories.


The game features a simple interface and an intuitive user menu. The buttons have a large enough size, which increases the comfort when working with the application. The installation process of the program will not cause difficulties either. It takes place in automatic mode and does not require the intervention of the user of the mobile device.


The application will be interesting to owners of Android smartphones and tablets who want to have fun, fans of arcade games and games with balls. How to control the ball? - Just tap the screen in time and at that moment your "ward" will make a jump. Play and get unforgettable pleasure from it! The latest version of the arcade Twist download for android.

Features: G-sensor

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