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Skyblock - Craft your Island 3.1

Skyblock Craft is an exciting game application in the genre of "puzzle". Crafting system, simple graphic design, but at the same time attractive and extraordinary gameplay. Here are the distinctive features of the game Skyblock Craft for Android. Join the huge army of her fans and you are guaranteed an exciting time.


Your character finds himself on an island floating somewhere high in the clouds. There is no connection with the mainland and there is nowhere to wait for help. The hero begins the process of survival, and for this you need to build structures from blocks, extract resources, make items and of course fight with local, by no means friendly monsters. Initially, the hero has the first Level. After completing ten proposed quests and earning experience, he increases the level to the second and so on.



  • Large selection of blocks for construction
  • Several types of resources for making items
  • An initial set of tools consisting of a pickaxe, an axe, a shovel and a torch
  • Multi-user mode support
  • Crafting system


The management interface is very simple. To master the system of making items, it is also recommended to get acquainted with the "SkyBlock Craft Items" application. The graphics of the game are of course the simplest, but it is simple here and does not play a decisive role. The main highlight of the program is directly in the gameplay.


The game requires downloading a cache from the network. One way is to install the program via a USB cable. To do this, pre-download the ".apk" file to your computer. Then we connect the Android device to the PC via a USB cable and copy the cache and installation files to the desired folder.


The folder address can be obtained automatically if you start the installation and abort the installation a few seconds after it starts. As a result, the application will create the necessary folder automatically. After the necessary files are in the Android device, we run the installation and after it is completed, we allow the program to download the cache. The game will appeal to fans of games in which you can show your creative talents, gamers for whom graphic design is not important and the gameplay itself is much more interesting. Become one of the fans of the application and get maximum pleasure from it! The latest version of the logic game Skyblock - Craft your Island download for android.

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  • Game version: 3.1
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  • Game version: 3.0
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  • Game version: 2.1
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