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Pirate Treasures 2.0.108

Pirate Treasures. This Android game is able to fascinate and attract the attention of any user. The new version of Sokrovishha Piratov offers even better graphics, a huge number of new levels and an exciting activity for more than one hour of time.


You are still a very young pirate and should become a famous corsair, a real thunderstorm of the sea and oceans. To do this, you need to earn as many treasures as possible. The storyline is divided into more than a thousand episodes, each of which is a map of jewelry hidden by robbers.


The application is a representative of the so-called "three in a row" genre. Its name speaks for itself. Multicolored diamonds, diamonds and sapphires are placed on the map. You need to rearrange neighboring stones in such a way that chains of three, or better, more identical stones are formed. In this case, the chain disappears and the game space is released.


In each episode, you have to completely clear the field, go through the maze and find a way out of it. To facilitate the passage of levels, developers have provided a number of useful items, bonuses and artifacts. The toy is quite colorful and brightly decorated.


The gameplay of the application will attract the attention of both young and more experienced owners of mobile Android smartphones and tablets. The game is easy to control and to move the diamond, you need to first tap on it, and then on the location where you want to move it.


Setup and installation of the program takes place automatically and takes a few minutes. The installation process is no different from installing similar “.apk” files. The application will arouse the interest of fans of logic games, owners of smartphones and tablets who just want to have fun, have fun at home or on the road. This game will undoubtedly always be at hand! The latest version of the game Pirate Treasures download for android.

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