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Connect the Two 1.0.4

Connect the Two is an exciting puzzle game for smartphones and tablet PCs. It can resemble the popular Pao Pao with the difference that it is designed specifically for Android. Simple rules, attractive graphics, addictive gameplay. These are not all the advantages and distinctive features of the Soedini Dvuh application.


The rules of the game are very simple. Cards with various drawings are placed on the field. You need to find the same pictures among all this variety and connect them with a line. The main condition is that the line should not be refracted more than twice.


To win, you need to remove all the cards from the card. In total, the gameplay features more than thirty layouts of cards and fifty variants of pictures. For gamers with different levels of training, there are three levels of difficulty, and nine options for bonus items and artifacts are presented to facilitate.


The gameplay will delight gamers not only with colorful graphics, but also with a pretty good graphic design. Yes, actually cool graphics are not needed here. Management is extremely simple and intuitive. Just click on the picture and swipe an imaginary line on the screen of your tablet or smartphone.


The installation of the game takes place in automatic mode. The application does not require additional settings and is available for all categories of Android device users. The presented program will appeal to fans of logic games, gamers who prefer to combine business with pleasure, because playing Connect the Two you can not only have fun, but also develop memory, logic and spatial thinking. Evaluate the presented program in full, connect the same objects and get maximum pleasure from it. The latest version of the logic game Connect the Two download for android.

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  • Game version: 1.0.4
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