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Bad Eggs Online 2 1.2.5

Bad Eggs Online 2 is an exciting logic game for Android. In many ways, Bad Eggs Online 2 will remind owners of tablets and smartphones of the famous "worms". Nevertheless, despite the similarity, the application offers new game mechanics, characters, is less demanding to the "stuffing" of the device and is easy to manage.


The events take place in a kind of fantasy world, the population of which are funny Eggs. Two groups of these characters still can't get along peacefully next door to each other and are constantly at war. You have to recruit a team of funny characters and engage in battle with the enemy.


The battle is conducted in a step-by-step mode. On a picturesque map, replete with hills and water barriers, teams are located opposite each other. The characters take turns making moves, using original weapons and trying to destroy each other. The team that has at least one living hero left wins.


The arsenal of weapons is the most exotic. It has everything from a banal frying pan to modern missiles and guided bombs. The gameplay is literally full of jokes and humor, and this of course makes it even more interesting. The positive features of the application include excellent graphic design, advanced game mechanics, a large selection of characters and weapons.


The user interface is very simple and intuitive. You just need to tap on the screen pictures with the right weapon and then make a shot. The game requires loading the cache. Below we describe the option of installing the application via a USB cable.


Pre-download the ".apk" file to the computer's memory. Then connect the Android device to the PC via a USB connection, move the game to the device's memory to the desired folder, run the installation program and after the installation process is complete, allow the application to download the cache.


The toy will arouse the interest of gamers who like games in the style of "worms", fans of logic games and strategies, players who appreciate original humor and extraordinary graphic design. Play and have fun wherever you are. The Android app Bad Eggs Online 2 allows you to do this! The latest version of the strategy Bad Eggs Online 2 download for android.

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