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DUAL! 1.5.03

DUAL! – one of the few games for the Android mobile platform that supports a full-fledged game between two players on different devices. The whole project is positioned as casual, so it's silly to expect any frills in design and graphics from it. Nevertheless, the visual design is quite tolerable, simple, but made to taste. Hipsters and oldfags will definitely like it.

The control is carried out using a unique adaptive technology – both the touch buttons and the accelerometer of the gadget work. By tilting or turning the smart, you can dodge and block attacks, swipe to shoot at the enemy. The process becomes really interactive. In each game, the controls are slightly different. There are several simple casual projects in the program. All of them are designed for a wide audience of gamers and will be interesting to everyone.

Communication between gadgets is available via Bluetooth or WiFi. The latter standard is fully supported, but the “Blue Tooth” is only in the beta testing stage. As a result, both types of pairing work. When downloading, only one game from the set is available. The rest are loaded separately. If one player has more games than the other, then the second one gets additional functionality.



  • Interesting design;
  • High playability;
  • Flexible management;
  • Various synchronization options;
  • Multiplayer in the “old-school” sense;
  • High-quality optimization;
  • Lots of gaming options;
  • Easy installation.


Dual is an excellent program that fully justifies its name. Gaming on two screens and the space between them is an unforgettable experience that even the most picky gamers will not be able to get bored for a very long time. Be sure to download! The latest version of the arcade DUAL! download for android.

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  • Game version: 1.5.03
  • Downloaded: 126
  • Full version
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  • Game version: Зависит от устройства
  • Downloaded: 92
  • Full version

  • Game version: 1.5.03
  • Downloaded: 92
  • Full version

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