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Escape 2048 2.0

Escape 2048 is an exciting space puzzle game for Android. The design is made in an interesting futuristic style. The gamer is waiting for a full-fledged three-dimensional space with high-quality textures and animations. Visually, no complaints. The story is just wonderful. The player wakes up on a station in deep space, after decades of suspended animation. During this time, the equipment has not been used and has become unpredictable, oxygen is slowly running out and you are on base alone. You have to go through all the circles of cosmic hell and establish communication with the Earth, otherwise you will inevitably die.

Each room of the ship is a new level, which is full of mysteries. Only by guessing them all can you save yourself. You will need tough logic, patience and a little ingenuity. There are quite a lot of items that can be used. Their use is often non-trivial, which makes the game even more interesting and exciting. Gaming drags on for a long time.


  • Great idea and implementation;
  • Interesting story;
  • Lots of playable items;
  • Mass of levels;
  • High-quality riddles and puzzles;
  • Nice visual design;
  • Mediocre optimization;
  • Easy installation.


Optimization is quite high-quality, but sometimes you can notice suspensions or slowdowns. This does not affect the game process in any way, but we are still waiting for updates with fixes. It is highly recommended for all fans of "brainwashing". Great leisurely gaming. The latest version of the logic game Escape 2048 download for android.

Features: 3D Donat

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