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Lumosity 2021.08.27.2110334

Lumosity is a brain trainer for the Android system. Visually, the program is designed more than well. There is no three-dimensionality or any bright animations, but a project of this orientation does not need it. Most of the elements are made in a material style. Excellent picture quality. First of all, this is not a game, but a full-fledged simulator for mental activity. Psychologists and neuroscientists have worked together and created this masterpiece, which will allow you to pump yourself in just 15 minutes of playing a day. Combining the pleasant with the useful.

Here are collected casual toys with very difficult gameplay and tasks that are really worth breaking your head over. It is worth warning right away that the project is very exciting and does not have simple and well-known solutions. Here, each task is a quest that will boost your reaction speed, memory, outlook or logic. Upgrading yourself in real life is the dream of any gamer.


The program is available in English and some other world languages. There is no Russian, and it is not expected yet, but the English version is quite clear and understandable even to schoolchildren. Developers do not stand still – updates, new options for monitoring skills and training mini-applications are constantly coming out. You will not have to be bored, Lumocity is developing with you.


  • Excellent design;
  • Allows you to wake up the brain quickly and efficiently;
  • It really increases the speed, attention and other characteristics of the thought process;
  • Interesting and sticky;
  • Easy installation.
  • Only Russification can be attributed to conditional disadvantages.


An application that should be on every user's device, without exceptions. Your consciousness and thinking also require training! Keep yourself in good shape with this wonderful app! The latest version of the logic game Lumosity download for android.

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  • Game version: 2021.08.27.2110334
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