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Mitosis: The Game 7.9.2

Mitosis: The Game is a clone of the popular casual game with revised physics of the game. Only for Android. Visually, the gameplay looks simple and elegant. All controls are made of high quality, the characters themselves are bright and well drawn. It's nice to play the game, there's nothing for the eye to "catch on".

The idea of gaming is common for projects of this type – grow and evolve, eat others and make sure that you are not eaten. The gamer starts as a simple cage, gradually feeds on smaller players and elements and grows. The control can be flexibly adjusted to suit yourself, which allows you to feel comfortable with any device. A couple of buttons are also always available: split and shot. The first divides the cell in half, and the second shoots its parts. The balance is based on the fact that the big ones can absorb the small ones, but the latter are much faster. Hence the mass of strategies and options for the development of events.

There are 5 different modes available, among which everyone can find something to their liking. In addition, unlike most competitors, high-quality customization is available. You can not only change the color and structure of the cage, but also buy a variety of items and weapons, create your own unique bow. There are very interesting options. Without a network connection, the program will not even turn on. For special features (purchases, customization), registration will be required. This is where the inconvenience ends.


  • Nice graphics;
  • Really interesting and addictive gameplay;
  • Lots of customization options;
  • Many gaming modes;
  • Registration;
  • Easy to install.


Mitosis is really better than many analogues and allows you to get a better quality leisure. This project is so addictive that it can safely be called one of the best timekillers of recent times. Be sure to download! The latest version of the casual game Mitosis: The Game download for android.

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