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Moy 3 Virtual Pet Game 2.192

Moy 3 Cute Animals is an interesting and cute game for kids and adults. Only for Android system. The exterior design is very pleasant and children will surely like it. Everything is done in a fun animated style, but it's not annoying, as happens in many other projects. The game offers everyone to raise their own little pet. Oldfags can immediately draw an analogy with tamagotchi and will not be mistaken – many gameplay elements are really very similar.

Your pet can be named, dressed, cared for, and gamed with. The "beast" itself is most similar to a jellyfish or a lizard, it is difficult to describe exactly. We can confidently say only that the creature is incredibly cute and funny. The program differs from similar analogues by a mass of mini-games. Playing games in them is really nice and interesting, which is not often found in such projects. There is also an opportunity to cook a pet from purchased products and entertain him with a variety of trips.

I am pleased with the social integration of the application. Now you can not only show your friends a game or a screenshot, but also send your successes to the Facebook feed or "come to visit" another of the same Mou-pet in any corner of the globe.



  • Good design and decoration;
  • A lot of different actions and modes (cleaning, bathing, cooking, and so on);
  • Pretty high playability;
  • Social integration and the possibility of networking;
  • A bunch of mini-games of very different directions;
  • Easy installation.


It is immediately noticeable that My 3 is a game with a clear focus on children, but many adults also play it. The secret is a very interesting approach to games and the overall design. Download and play this game, it is suitable for any age. The latest version of the game Moy 3 Virtual Pet Game download for android.

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