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Stick Squad 3 - Modern Shooter 1.3.3

Stick Squad 3 - Modern Shooter is the third part of the famous series about secret agents. Naturally for the Android system. Visually, the project has not changed much. Still no questions or complaints – everything is beautiful, clear and bright. It's incredibly pleasant to play, and the design doesn't get boring even after many hours of gaming. The music is quite decent.

In the third part of the adventures of super agents, you will have to neutralize a dangerous gangster group. The action takes place in the USA and Spain at more than 20 locations. At the same time, the total number of goals reaches 60.The game has a sniper bias, so most of the time you have to aim and wait. The gameplay only got better from this. Naturally, the system of achievements and upgrades remained. You can not only qualitatively improve the old gun, but also buy a completely new one.

There are 3 difficulty levels for each mission and each mission separately. This allows you to complete all the tasks many times, each time improving your skills. I am pleased with social integration – it is easy to share your successes with friends. The only "fly in the ointment" in this "barrel of honey" may be small inaccuracies in translation, but they absolutely do not affect anything. You will not find such pearls as in GTA.


  • High-quality picture;
  • New countries and tasks;
  • Interesting plot;
  • Goods store and upgrade;
  • Social orientation;
  • Difficulty levels;
  • Elementary installation.


Stick Squad 3 – Modern Shooter is the kind of game that even ardent haters of "sniper" shooters will really like. Gaming is pleasant, interesting and easy – a solid pleasure! Be sure to download! The latest version of the shooting game Stick Squad 3 - Modern Shooter download for android.

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