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Piano Holic 2 2.1.0

Piano Holic2 is one of the best keyboard simulators for Android system. Visually decorated simply, but with taste. The animations are smooth and pleasing to the eye, the sound is simply gorgeous. It is he who is the main thing in the program, so his high quality is especially pleasant. The controls are simple and intuitive. For normal operation, a multi-touch screen will be required, but now it is difficult to find devices without this feature, except for Chinese nounames.

This program is designed to make real musicians out of you. With her, it is very easy to learn keyboards "from scratch" and then demonstrate your skills to others. There are several styles of music available and hundreds of compositions that you can learn to play. It's really interesting to play music here. There are even difficulty levels and combos! With the help of unique learning modes, the process will go very quickly.

And yet, first of all Piano Golik 2 is an interesting game. The developers are constantly updating it, adding new elements and tracks, taking care of fixing bugs. It is very comfortable to use. This casual game is sure to get a lot of popularity, because it combines a love of gaming, music and useful skills.


  • Interesting orientation (rhythm game);
  • The most interesting and richest gameplay;
  • Mass of tracks;
  • Many styles, modes and other "buns";
  • Really high-quality sound;
  • Constant quality updates;
  • High playability.


An excellent project that will please not only the game component and exciting gameplay, but also the benefits for fine motor skills and knowledge of music. What could be better? Be sure to download! The latest version of the game Piano Holic 2 download for android.

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  • Game version: 2.1.0
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