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Animal Hair Salon 3.0.8

Animal Hair Salon is an interesting and original game for children of primary school and preschool age. For Android. Visually, everything is done "without a hitch", bright and high-quality. All the characters are perfectly drawn, the animations are pleasant and smooth, the sounds are in the theme. Your child will definitely like it. Management is elementary, gaming is easy to manage even for the smallest players.

In this part of the series and games, you are offered to work in a beauty salon for animals. You can give full freedom to your imagination and create the most dizzying images. A variety of actions are available: haircut, washing, perming, repainting of hair and fur. Moreover, for each animal, you can pick up dozens of options for clothing, accessories and other small things. This brings the variability of the game to the maximum and turns it into one of the best children's timekillers.

Most things are bought for coins, which can be easily earned by watching videos in the game or creating vivid images. A coin lottery (wheel of fortune) is also available, which can be used once a day. The only drawback of the project is that only four characters are available for gaming: a poodle, a lion, a cat and a llama. There are a lot more of them, but the rest will have to be reloaded. Optimization of average quality, everything works, but sometimes there may be freezes or departures. The developers are already fixing the problems that arise.


  • Colorful visual component;
  • Simple operation;
  • Really exciting gaming;
  • Lots of hairstyles, accessories and wardrobe items;
  • Multiple characters;
  • High playability;
  • Easy installation.


A beauty salon for Animals is a great option for all parents if they want to keep their child busy for a long time. Small shortcomings are more than overlaid with delight and joy in the eyes of the kids. Be sure to try it! The latest version of the game Animal Hair Salon download for android.

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