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Hero Buster 1.0.9

Hero Buster is a hybrid role-playing game and RPG with special characters. For Android devices. There are no complaints about the design. Everything is done as colorfully and efficiently as possible, the drawing of each character is at the highest level. Animations are head and shoulders higher than many projects of similar subjects. The sound does not lag behind.

Here the gamer will have to assemble a unique squad that will be able to go through all the trials and defeat the world's evil. The Persians are decorated in anime style, but this does not prevent them from being famous historical figures of the ancient countries of the West and East. It's a great idea to combine the story and the game. There are more than three hundred Persians in total, naturally everyone has their own skills and upgrade capabilities. There can be up to six of them in the squad, with the sixth being the character of a friend or colleague. Thus, it is advantageous to contact more pumped gamers, although it is unclear how to do this – chat is not provided.

There is a donation, at first it is quite possible to gamble without it, but then the upgrade process slows down more and more. He will not give any unics, he will only accelerate progress.



  • High-level graphics and animations;
  • Anime style;
  • Figures of antiquity as heroes;
  • Capacious detachments;
  • Skills and upgrades;
  • Donat;
  • Easy operation and installation.


Hirow Buster will be a "breath of fresh air" for all roleplayers who are already bored without something unusual and catchy. Girls in frank combat armor and guys of unearthly beauty will allow anime fans to fully enjoy gaming. Try it, you will surely like it! The latest version of the strategy Hero Buster download for android.

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