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Monster Heart 1.00.02

Monster Heart is a fascinating dark toy for real connoisseurs of shooters. Only for Android system. Visually, the game is designed well, the graphics are high-quality, the animations are bright and smooth. A full-fledged three-dimensionality is implemented here, which allows you to immerse yourself in gaming with your head. According to the plot and style, everything is done mainly in dark colors.

Management is difficult to call native, but it does not require a particularly long habituation. A couple of fights and any problems no longer arise. The plot of this game is fascinating. A shadow has come to earth, another world inhabited by monsters and magic is trying to enslave this one. Hunters are the only hope of humanity, those few who are trying to fight evil spirits and purify their home.

The main character has become a hunter quite recently, he still has a lot to learn. As you progress, new types of weapons become available: from crossbows to magic staffs, new skills and abilities. The most difficult fights are available for collective passage. In the game, you can communicate with other players, interact with them and gamble. It is implemented quite conveniently.

Thanks to the atmosphere of the game, the original plot and design, it is more than pleasant to gamble, the project brings a lot of positive emotions. The impression of the "dampness" of the game is slightly overshadowed, as there are small friezes, not the fastest downloads and even departures. The developers are struggling hard with all the bugs and are constantly releasing updates, so we can hope for a speedy "cure".



  • High-quality 3D;
  • Excellent plot and addictive gameplay;
  • Mass of weapons;
  • Collective battles;
  • Original opponents;
  • Unsurpassed atmosphere of dark fantasy;
  • Mediocre optimization;
  • Easy and fast installation.


The heart of the Monster can be recommended to any fan of gaming on the "green robot". Small optimization problems are not a reason to deny yourself the pleasure of playing a project of such quality and playability. The latest version of the arcade Monster Heart download for android.

Features: 3D Online HD Donat

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