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Sweet Baby Girl - Hospital 1.0.4

Sweet Baby Girl – Hospital is a light but very useful toy for young Android users. The visual design is simple, but bright and colorful – ideal for children. The animations are funny, the characters are cute, the game evokes only positive, despite the theme. The controls are elementary and intuitive, regardless of the age of the gamer.

The main character becomes a doctor. Now she has to help the sick, since they have accumulated a lot. Everyone has their own problems, and everyone needs to be treated with special methods. The player is waiting for teeth with caries and flux, abrasions and a broken leg, an ear infection. All diseases are presented quite scary, but at the same time funny and fun. A great atmosphere is created that encourages your child to brush his teeth, be careful and monitor his hygiene. In this sense, the Sweet Baby Girl Hospital app is a unique tool for gentle and unobtrusive parenting.

There are a lot of actions and tools available with which you can help. You can even use an X-ray machine. After such a gaming, children will obviously be less afraid of doctors, especially dentists. Optimization is hardly ideal, but no special bugs or glitches were found.


  • Average graphics;
  • High playability;
  • Simple operation;
  • Mass of tools;
  • Several patients;
  • Bonus game with an ambulance;
  • Only one patient is available at once;
  • The simplest installation.


Be sure to download this program for your child – with it it will be easier for him to go to the clinic or to the dentist. It really helps children to instill the right skills, download and see for yourself! The latest version of the game Sweet Baby Girl - Hospital download for android.

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  • Game version: 1.0.4
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