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Survival on the Island – Winter 1.6

Survival on the Island – Winter is a project after which you will not be afraid to get lost in the taiga. Only for Android gadgets. Visually, the program is made in the best traditions of games with the free world. Full–fledged three-dimensionality, well-drawn textures and smooth animations, shadows - all this pleases the eye and looks even a little cooler than in previous projects. The developers did a great job and put a lot of effort into the design.

The hero, after several previous adventures, gets into trouble again. This time he found himself in a cold rocky area, where it is very easy to freeze and "drop the ends" almost immediately. All that remains is to survive. Hunt for fast hares and careful deer, beware of bears. You will have to turn on all your logic and ingenuity so as not to freeze and not starve to death.

I am very pleased with the well-developed crafting system. The player can create household items, perfect weapons and build buildings. In this regard, the project is far from Minecraft, but crafting is quite good and occupies one of the main places of gameplay. Optimization is good, but not perfect. The program does not "suffer" from crashes or friezes, but some textures sometimes behave unpredictably. Fortunately, updates are constantly coming out that fix such troubles.


  • Excellent visual design;
  • Interesting and balanced gameplay;
  • Hunting and crafting;
  • Realistic sounds;
  • Convenient management;
  • High playability;
  • Not a bad optimization;
  • Easy installation.


Three-dimensionality does not particularly "kill" the device, there is no need to talk about high requirements for hardware. Wintersurvival is a great game that is not much like the others and offers really high–quality, original and exciting gaming. Treat yourself to "fresh" - download now! The latest version of the game Survival on the Island – Winter download for android.

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